Spreading the word, for the Community Fun and Fitness Relays, is more than just alerting your community, friends, and family of our events. Our mission is to further educate the masses on the culture and language of the Ghanaian people. Listed below are links that will take you to several music platforms so that you can hear the power of rhythm, language and togetherness that radiates through drums and lyrics. Feel free to send these links to your friends, family and community members so that they may also enjoy and learn about the Ghanaian music culture. These upbeat songs will be played at the event for all to hear. We hope you enjoy their message along with the catchy and powerful rhythms. 

CFFR Music playlist (with American stadium anthems and Ghanaian popular music), courtesy of Eunice Yeboah

Ed Sheeran music video, "Bibia Be Ye Ye" (meaning "All Will Be Well" in Twi, one of the main languages spoken in Ghana)

Ghanaian Twi song, "Boa Me" ("Help Me" that encourages us to help our neighbors) by Ghanaian-British singer Fuse ODG, featuring Ed Sheeran that was shot largely in Ghana